Day 4

Today is my first day of doing a “mini fast”; basically severely restricting calories for two days out of seven. I have chosen Mondays and Thursdays as the most simple days to do this.

Today I am going to have two protein shakes mixed with spinach and blueberries. We will see how well this works; it seems like the easiest and least effortful diet version I have seen so far.

It is interesting how challenging it is to see a full body picture of myself every day. Those of you who have an unconflicted relationship with your body would be surprised at how easy it is to avoid actually looking. My version of how I look mostly looks like my carefully curated selfies on Facebook. Not what you are seeing here. 

So it’s hard not to despair in the face of this body; to stay motivated by the contrast between where I am and where I am going. It takes coaxing myself into positive expectation, which I think is most of the work in body transformation. Or any transformation. I just happen to be supremely challenged by body image.

30 days is all it takes to see the results of positive change. 120 days to establish a habit, whether that is a habit of thought or of behavior. The two are only separated by a split second, so you could really say that once you change the habit of thought, the behavior (and the results) will follow.

My heartfelt love to anyone dealing with physical challenges in their body and health. 

Deep breaths.


Day Three

The euphoria is starting to calm down but I still have boatloads more energy and am feeling stronger. My knee and ankle are almost ready to go back to my daily 3 mile walk with River. Still stiff and walking with a catch in my step but since it usually takes me more than a month to get to this point after a strain, I am feeling very good about the speedy recovery.

Today I am starting alkaline water and my goal is to start with 2-750ml bottles per day. Luckily they have it in the studio so I don’t need to invest in a filtering system just to try it.

Here is one of the smaller pads; I use this to just work my feet at the end for about three minutes. After years of foot pain after my surgery, this is my favorite!

One thing I love about WBV; the feeling of looseness that you get after a thirty minute session is very similar to a good massage. So it’s like sandwiching a good massage and a workout into the same thirty minutes!

Day Two

Feeling so great on day two! The endorphins really have been kicking in and I have so much energy. My joints are definitely feeling worked and loosened. I had a much easier time getting around (no cane!) during the day. Was pretty wiped out last night and sore, but it was a good workout kind of sore.

I have been doing a protein shake every morning with spinach and blueberries. I am going to research and try the 5:2 program. You can find a basic overview here:
I think Monday and Thursday night be the optimal days…

Day One of my journey

There are so many ways we undermine ourselves. 

I have been on a journey of self discovery this year. Oh, I have always been introspective, have always done my work and tried my best. But several areas of my life have been very very sticky. 

Body transformation is one of them. My body is a royal mess. I am not saying I am unusual in this, but of course my unique challenges are…well…. Uniquely difficult for me to overcome. Life is funny that way.  

But after 48 years of being a fat person I am determined to change my paradigm. I want to feel good in my body.

So I spent 30 days allowing the law of attraction material into my life. This is the story of my transformation. I want it to be magical and effortless. 

This pic is me on my first day at Bodyquirks, a studio in Portland, Oregon that delivers body transformation through Whole Body Vibration (WBV), massage therapy and PEMV. 

As you can see I am really fat. I mean, in the last five years I’ve gone from being attractively curvy to being fat. Painfully fat; literally my muscles and joints struggle every day to hold up what I have acquired.

I used to be fit. I was aggressively active in my teens and early twenties, doing tap, jazz and ballet, getting to blue belt in Tak Won Do, running two miles every day. I was strong. 

Now I walk with a cane, have multiple painful injuries that never completely heal, and I despaired of being able to come back.

The journey begins…

Today they put me on three different WBV machines for a total of about 30 minutes. I felt fantastic afterward. Feelings of euphoria from the relief from pain were striking. Feeling looseness and comfort and strength in my legs and hips for the first time in years was absolutely addictive.

Join me in my journey. A pic a day for thirty days.

Here is link to the studio.
Such a warm and welcoming place! Esther and Tara will make you feel right at home.