Day 16…pow!

So after a couple days of resting I feel so much better and ready to tackle another week. I don’t generally cut myself any slack in life and then I rebel for long periods of time. So this time, when I started feeling massive amounts of resistance, I just let myself take a short break.

Interestingly enough, this didn’t affect my food plan. My weekly splurge event still took place as scheduled (sushi for lunch, then dinner of homemade cabbage rolls and mashed potatoes and 1/2 a piece of chocolate silk pie with my friend Sarah). But the rest of the time was pretty much as normal except I sat on the couch and watched videos with my knee elevated, watching my anger.

And then I got the job I have been interviewing for!

So my friends I have to take a semi hiatus from this blog. In the interest of life balance I will still continue occasional pics and I will still continue my program but my main focus needs to be on my new job. 

So exciting!!!

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