Day 7 …just a little more dialed in

The healing continues! I totally get that you are probably bored with my progress right now. After the excitement of the first week of a new habit, the reality of the daily requirement of showing up can get a little irritating.

This is where measuring and setting micro goals can help…

yes it only burned 50 calories

This is where “reality” starts to set in. Not my strong suit. I am more of an initiator and enthusiast; it takes a special kind of attitude for me to settle into a habit, and look for signs of progress. Let’s face it I am easily discouraged by very long project arcs. Which is probably why I am where I am and why I need to keep this blog.

Accountability. Discipline. Persistence. But what I have found when studying the greatest creative and successful people is that they find little ways around their own self-sabotaging habits. This is the critical path; finding out what works for YOU, not for some abstract person practicing the seven habits or some such manual for life. Instead, it’s vital that you take that guidance and make it personal.

How can I show up every day and not make excuses? For me, writing about this makes me show up. Keeping a visual record of my body that reminds me I am headed in the right direction. Meeting like-minded people along my path helps too. 

But the biggest thing I am going to try to implement is a type of gaming theory that fascinates me. Why do people game? That’s a big question…but why do I find games satisfying? Because the goals are short, resolve quickly in time, and give you a short burst of satisfaction when achieved. 

One of my theories about day people is that we need more satisfaction out of our daily lives than other people. And when we don’t get that hit from work or friends or life in general, we turn to food to give us the most primal feeling of accomplishment. The more your life narrows (whether through pain, injury, trauma, etc), the more you turn back to simple things to bolster your day.

So how do I create that every day?

That’s what I am going to work on this week. 


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