Day 4

Today is my first day of doing a “mini fast”; basically severely restricting calories for two days out of seven. I have chosen Mondays and Thursdays as the most simple days to do this.

Today I am going to have two protein shakes mixed with spinach and blueberries. We will see how well this works; it seems like the easiest and least effortful diet version I have seen so far.

It is interesting how challenging it is to see a full body picture of myself every day. Those of you who have an unconflicted relationship with your body would be surprised at how easy it is to avoid actually looking. My version of how I look mostly looks like my carefully curated selfies on Facebook. Not what you are seeing here. 

So it’s hard not to despair in the face of this body; to stay motivated by the contrast between where I am and where I am going. It takes coaxing myself into positive expectation, which I think is most of the work in body transformation. Or any transformation. I just happen to be supremely challenged by body image.

30 days is all it takes to see the results of positive change. 120 days to establish a habit, whether that is a habit of thought or of behavior. The two are only separated by a split second, so you could really say that once you change the habit of thought, the behavior (and the results) will follow.

My heartfelt love to anyone dealing with physical challenges in their body and health. 

Deep breaths.

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