Day Three

The euphoria is starting to calm down but I still have boatloads more energy and am feeling stronger. My knee and ankle are almost ready to go back to my daily 3 mile walk with River. Still stiff and walking with a catch in my step but since it usually takes me more than a month to get to this point after a strain, I am feeling very good about the speedy recovery.

Today I am starting alkaline water and my goal is to start with 2-750ml bottles per day. Luckily they have it in the studio so I don’t need to invest in a filtering system just to try it.

Here is one of the smaller pads; I use this to just work my feet at the end for about three minutes. After years of foot pain after my surgery, this is my favorite!

One thing I love about WBV; the feeling of looseness that you get after a thirty minute session is very similar to a good massage. So it’s like sandwiching a good massage and a workout into the same thirty minutes!

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